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The High Calling of Motherhood (a book review)

I was asked if I blog and would I read a book and post my review.  I am so glad I was asked!

The book is The High Calling of Motherhood written by Chimene Shipley Dupler,
published by Ambassador International

The summary from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble say:

"Does motherhood matter?
Have we lost our sense of identity, especially through social media, which can pour both accolades and acid into our hearts and minds? Does our role as a mother have any lasting purpose? What about the hard stuff? Do we self-medicate more than we self-motivate to fight for our families? If we don't have a sense of purpose, how will our children? Chimene Shipley Dupler believes you are created for more. You are created in the image of God. You have value, significance, and purpose. You are chosen!
In The High Calling of Motherhood, Chimene will challenge and inspire you. Motherhood can change the trajectory of a generation as we discover the authority that God has given mothers. Chimene desires to see mothers experience the joy that comes in the value and worth that God places on motherhood.
Motherhood is a calling a high calling from God. Chimene will equip you and give you tools for success. You are a difference maker. You are raising world changers. You are a mom! "

From my childhood, I always wanted to be a mom.

From my early years as a Christian, I recognized the high calling of being a mom.

As a Christian wife of 33 years and a Christian mom for 31 of those years, I knew this was one of God's HIGHEST callings.

I remember the quote "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world".
31 years ago, I knew that to be true.

Unfortunately, someplace over the last 31 years, I have lost focus of those truths.
Someplace between a culture that questions "you're just a mom?",  and the 
tyranny of a daily To-do list, I had lost sight of the eternal magnitude of mothering.

"...This book is not about the 'right'  way to be a mom but instead how to embrace the roll of motherhood as a gift from God" (page 33)  

WOW! Every mother I know needs this information or needs to be encouraged/and or reminded with this information!

The book is written in an easy to read style with a Biblical worldview and Scriptural emphasis that goes counter to our culture.  Mrs. Dupler tends to be just a little repetative- but her use of  repetition is to make sure you get what she is saying.

While reading this book I was reminded of many things.
What follows are just a few of them:
       This book reminds me of my calling.
       Reaching my children's hearts' for Christ is the goal of my mothering.
       I was chosen by God to mother my children.
       When He called me to that task, He also equipped me for it.
       I am to raise my children with the view of eternity in mind.  (This can be a sobering thought.  4 of my children are grown and on their own. 3 are married, 2 are in the thick of mothering young ones under the age of 5.   2 of my children are still in elementary school.  Even with my experience as MOM, this book is for me, and every mom with children still at home.  If your children are grown and you are in the grandparenting stage of life, I suggest you get the book and encourage your children as they raise the next generation.)
      In light of eternity, the preschool years, even 18 years of childhood, are short.
       Reaching my child for Christ is THE goal of motherhood.
      We are in a spiritual battle... ( I have heard and even said, sometimes you pick your battles.
But the reality is ..."We are not in a battle of the wills when it comes to our two-year-olds or teenagers; rather, we are in a spiritual battle.  We are on a mission with the Holy Spirit to help our children understand their need for Christ.")page 72    
       My identity is in Christ alone, not in a career or my motherhood.     
       To parent with eternity in mind we need to have a plan (and prayer is part of that plan)  
       "Parenting is hard work- because it is heart work." page 126 (my favorite sentence from this book!)
         Parenting with eternal perspective goes against our culture.
         Raising my children for Christ is my responsibility, not the responsibility of my church
         We need to be prepped for battle ( the full armor of God)
          The Holy Spirit assists in this eternal work.  
          Extend grace to other parents- whose parenting doesn't look exactly like yours.

A nutshell summary of this book is found on page 163 "We claim we are 'just moms' rather than embracing the opportunity to affect and influence the culture. Motherhood has been abandoned, disdained and orphaned by society and our culture. there is an urgency to call mothers to wake up to a biblical standard for motherhood.  "

In the final chapter Raising World Changers, on pages 219- 220, Chimine says "it is out of our own insecurity that we look around at what others have and begin to feel insignificant. " This insignificance is because we compare ourselves to others. She assumes all loss of parental focus is due to insecurity and feeling insignificant. I disagree slightly.  I think insecurity is one large reason for loss of focus.  I think some of us simply get busy- too busy to compare ourselves to others, too busy tackling the immediate To-do-list that we loose sight of the eternal goal.
Whatever the reason for our lack of focus,  God help us!  Thankfully, HE WILL!

"We must be securely grounded in who we are in Christ, and we must raise up a godly generation whose foundation is also firmly planted in Christ. We must be intentional in our fight, understanding who the enemy is and how to fight the battle ---- on our knees and in constant communication with the Maker of the Universe." page 209   This is my take away from this book.  This is my to do list from this book. 

To purchase this book from the publisher follow this link Chimene-Shipley-Dupler   {use code “HighCalling” entered at time of purchase for a 10% pre-order discount}

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